RegenAG 3-Day Biofertiliser Course – Burdekin, Qld

Tuesday 14th March – Thursday 16th March, 2017

0900 – 1700 each day

Join RegenAG’s own Kym Kruse for a three-day workshop on how biofertilisers can drastically increase your on-farm fertility and save you tens of thousands of dollars a year on inputs. Representing the pioneering work of Latin American based organisation Mashumus,  Kym will lead you through the why and how of making your own organic fertilisers out of easily available ingredients.

Biofertiliser FAQ

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RegenAG® 3-Day Biofertiliser Course Inkerman, Qld

This 3-Day course focuses on practical techniques of defining what your soil needs and enhancing it by applying biofertilisers for small, medium and larger-scale farming, horticulture and forestry operations.

Over the last 20 years, pioneering scientists in Latin America have developed a range of ‘farm-made’ BioFertilisers to replace energy-intensive and expensive artificial fertilisers. These techniques have enabled farmers across Latin America access to the tools and knowledge needed to get themselves ‘off the drip’ of increasingly unaffordable artificial fertilisers. And now we’re continuing the job of bring this knowledge to regions across Australia.

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This very popular hands-on course will re-define the role that bio-fertilizers and organic inputs can play on your property in addressing soil health, plant nutrition, pest control, fungal disease control, equipment and processes.

Learn methods that are scaleable and suitable for all farming enterprises. This course places technology in the hands of farmers, teaching you how to produce your own inputs from available resources.

One tonne of healthy topsoil will typically harbor as much as 25% of its weight in living microorganisms. Encouraging more microbiology (of the right kind) to your soil strengthens its structure, makes nutrients available to the plants above, builds humus and leads to resilient, productive soils, naturally. Biofertilizers and other soluble mineral inputs can be made using everyday organic materials that are already present on the average farm. Biologically available minerals can be applied via foliar spray or as a soil drench for immediate uptake by your crop. With the nutritional requirements of your plant met, it will be less susceptible to disease and attack.

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This workshop will introduce multiple techniques for making a range of inputs, using fermentation and brewing processes that are easily within the scope of the average landowner.

This workshop will cover:

  • Trophobiosis: Plant metabolism & physiology theory
  • Biofertiliser production from a variety of sources: Paunch, Cow manure, Native Microbes
  • Mineral Chelate recipes – individual minerals + super biol mixes
    Zinc & Boron, Magnesium & Iron, Calcium, Phosphorus & Potassium, Moly & Cobalt
  • Native microbe manufacturing and uses: A base for biofertiliser production, Animal lick blocks, Animal gut flora health – increases diversity of gut microbes to aid digestibility, Plant extractions, Cellulose/Lignin digester production – post harvest stubble digester
  • Pumpkin based Biofertiliser production: Alternative to other animal or native microbe derived biology for biofertiliser production
  • Production of soluble phosphorus from cow bones: Used in production of chelated Biofertiliser production, incl. in loose mineral mixes and dry lick block production
  • Recipes for pest & fungal disease suppression
  • Mother brew recipes for mass biofert production
  • Reproduction & application of beneficial microbes incl.:
    Diazotrophics – free living nitrogen fixing bacteria
    Mycorrhiza – highly beneficial fungi
  • Sulphate utilization recipes
  • Various methods for making beneficial plant extracts for pest control: Alcohol, Native Microbes, Hot water methods
  • Beneficial Biological brews for stimulating soil ecology production from various biological sources
  • Effective Microorganism manufacturing & multiple uses
  • Cattle Nutrition:
    Dry lick blocks – for dry season supplementation
    Loose mineral mixes – free choice mineral
    Liquid mineral supplements – for water trough supplementation
    Pasture flavour improver – ahead of cattle to increase digestibility / digest trash on ground
  • Fish emulsion production: From fresh/raw fish sources or dry
  • Alternative fungicides for replacement of:
    Copper based fungicides
    Control of early/later powdery mildew control
  • Mineral Seed coating for protection from:
    Elements & bird predation
    Supply nutrition to plant at point of germination
  • Bokashi compost + various alternative mass composting methods
  • Quality control testing of biofertilisers
  • Chromatography practice for soils
  • Application rates & equipment
  • Mechanization & up-scaling of processes

Please wear appropriate clothing for a practical workshop environment.

We will be spending a portion of each day outside


Bookings for this course can be made above or enquiries can me made by contacting RegenAG® via Email: or Office on (07) 4086 8019. 

Registration for this workshop includes lunch, morning and afternoon tea.

Workshop venue:

This workshop will be held at Gary & Angela Spotswood’s Mt Alma Sugar Cane, Beef & mixed Vegetable Farm located at 97 Arthur Spotswood Road, Mt Alma Inkerman, Qld 4806.

kym head shot aAbout the teacher:

Kym Kruse is a Permaculture designer, consultant and educator who works with farmers, natural resource management groups, local government and industry representatives, schools, sustainable backyard developers and indigenous communities across a wide range of bioregions, farms, watersheds andurban environments. Kym’s background is in Integrated Rice and Duck Cultivation, Permaculture Design and Regenerative Agriculture methodology.

Kym has co-founded: FreeRange Permaculture, non-forprofit community group Permaculture Cairns, King Brown Technologies and RegenAG®. Currently Kym works for RegenAG® to establish collaborative regional partnerships, farmer to farmer networks and convenes Regenerative Agriculture events around Australia. He is an entertaining speaker well known for his passionate and whole-hearted persistent promotion of how thoughtful design and Regenerative Agriculture can build the future for resilient, profitable and regenerative farming and urban communities. Kym has trained with and been mentored by Latin American based organisation MasHumus, whose work he will present at this workshop.

2013 Study Tour of Latin America Trailer

In September 2013, we took 17 farmers from Australia on a Study Tour of Latin America looking at the methods of MasHumus. We visited 12 farms, everything from bananas to roses, avocados to papayas, chickens to lettuces and vegies. It was an incredibly inspiring experience and proved to our farmers that the MasHumus methods work on any scale, even the biggest in the world. Click here to watch the DVD trailer of the trip.

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