Who We Are

RegenAG® is a community based family enterprise committed to helping regenerate Australia’s farms, soils, communities and on-farm livelihoods.

We provide farmers, professional organisations and communities with education, training and consultancy opportunities to learn from the world’s most innovative and effective regenerative agriculture practitioners in a wide range of fields.

Some of our domestic and international trainers include world renowned US farmer Joel Salatin of Polyface Farm, Allan Savory Founder of Holistic Management® and President of the Savory Institute, Colin Seis pioneer of Pasture Cropping and 2014 Bob Hawke Landcare Award winner and Eugenio Gras, Jairo Restrepo and Nacho Zamora, Latin America’s leading biological agriculture education and consulting team.

Regenerative methodologies are extremely profitable, scalable and replicable. Regenerative Management principals are easily understood and can be implemented on any farm or land management enterprise to build soil carbon, increase soil health and microbial diversity, reduce inputs and increase profits. The regenerative methodologies and techniques we teach and promote work together as an integrated and powerful farm management ‘tool kit’.

Our consultancies, courses, practical workshops and events provide access to and empower participants with the essential skills and knowledge needed to regenerate farm livelihoods, build topsoil and transform our farming landscapes and food system. We collaborate with natural resource management groups, Landcare organisations, local councils and others to provide learning opportunities and practical ongoing assistance for communities around Australia.

We believe that by enabling farmers, landholders, consumers and professional organisations with the knowledge and skills to implement regenerative land management strategies, we are collectively creating a new farming future for Australia.


We offer private consultancies for farmers, natural resource management groups and a variety of land management projects. Individually designed to increase soil health and significantly reduce input costs our consultancy packages are tailored to suit our clients needs, include practical face -to -face training and ensure success with our follow up support.


We are well known for pushing the boundaries of conventional farming wisdom and inspiring people with empowering independent information and proven practical regenerative strategies from the world’s most innovative farmers and Regenerative Ag consultants.


Opening up a plethora of possibilities RegenAG® key note talks offer hope for framers, land managers and communities. Tailored for specific audiences our talks introduce regenerative farming methodologies and ideas that increase soil health, heal water cycles, reduce input costs and return struggling farms into productive and profitable enterprises.


We believe in promoting

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Education in Regenerative agricultural practices. Beyond sustainable and beyond organic forms of production that provide strategies to regenerate soils, environments, communities and profits.

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Regenerative Agriculture

Regenerative agricultural practices such that they become the accepted mainstream conventional methods.


Healthy, Chemical Free Food

Healthy, chemical free food and environments as the right of every person to enjoy.

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Family Farming

Profitable family farming as the backbone of Australian rural communities.

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Poly-enterprise farming

Poly-enterprise farming on a single land base, that assures diversification, resilience and addresses land-use pressures

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Entrepreneurship through supporting young people in getting involved in agriculture and strong community ownership and re-localisation of our economies

Our Team

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Kym Kruse

Kym is a designer, consultant and educator who works with farmers, NRM's, government and industry representatives, schools, developers and indigenous communities to establish collaborative regional partnerships and farmer to farmer networks that support practice change. Kym’s background is in Integrated Rice and Duck Cultivation, Permaculture Design and Regenerative Agriculture methodologies.


Georgina Kruse

Georgie is a Permaculture designer, educator and manager who works behind the scenes co-ordinating RegenAG projects and events. She is passionate about learning, healthy living and creating resilient, vibrant rural communities. Georgie's professional background is in Primary school teaching, Permaculture Design and event management.

RegenAG Trainers

  • Joel Salatin
  • Eugenio Gras
  • Nacho Zamora
  • Jairo Restrepo
  • Colin Seis
  • Craig Sponholtz
  • Allan Savory
  • Kirk Gadzia